The Final Salute to Summer with photos and text.

Salute Summer Workshop at Yarrahapinni
January 8, 2016
Easter Saturday all day retreat at Yarrahapinni Yoga Studio
February 28, 2016

The Final Salute to Summer with photos and text.

in a nutshell ….


Early Saturday morning and our preparations are well underway.   The days before each workshop are spent preparing; doing our own personal yoga practice, Gretchen & I talk about possible class sequences, Harley & I prepare menus and ingredients, Waratah & I tidy the house & studio, Harley & mates the farm & gardens. Gretchen enjoys the school holidays with her kids! It’s a great example of family teamwork.  I am very proud  and so appreciative of this great support to do these workshops. Hmmm.. Is that a baby bump Waratah?


Harley & Waratah IMG_0970 in the kitchen, garden ingredients harvested early morning.


IMG_0972Tasteing the green smoothie, we’ve perfected a summer green smoothie over the month, it’s a silky smooth & light green delight, alternatively guests are offered our own fresh oranges juiced with passionfruit.






During the warm ups Gretchen & I can observe how people are doing.  Why some have sore shoulders, others get headaches, backaches, kneeaches. These observations influence the way we teach the class.






Our final ‘Salute to Summer’ was a Pranyama workshop.

Balancing asanas to focus the mind.



IMG_1081Powerful supported asana to open the side ribs & intercostal musclesIMG_1100IMG_1164

IMG_1046IMG_1169IMG_1105Shoulder work & twists

Inversions beginning with Uttanasana,  Adho Mukha Svanasana, IMG_0991IMG_1003

IMG_1127 Moving towards Sirsasana IMG_1129IMG_1143

IMG_1174Supported Sarvangasana

IMG_1180Maha Mudra was the asana to complete the morning session.


For me a walk in nature is perfect to assimilate the practice.

It’s hot! We have Jaboticaba & honey iceblocks to take to the dam. A cooling swim was the order of this very hot humid day.IMG_4120

Lunch Menu: Ingredients from our garden: Cos lettuce, baby beetroots, carrots, garlic & spring onions, silver beet, young corn, zucchini blossoms, lemons & limes, coriander, thyme, parsley, tarragon. Locally sourced ingredients: Macadamia nuts, bantam eggs, buffolo cheeses, olive oil.


A Yoga Siesta after lunch comprises of supine asana that encourage good digestion, I usually play beautiful yoga chants a this time,  but on this day the skies opened to a very noisy thunderstorm, rain falling loudly on the tin roof of our yoga studio that really kept our thoughts here and now for 45minutes.



Gradually as the rain eased & the ‘yoga siesta’ worked it’s magic, the feeling of relaxation was in the room.  Pranayama became the intention of the sequencing of asana, now taken to increase the awareness of the breath, for Ujjayi Pranyama & sitting to say ‘Namaste’.


IMG_1189 Some sweetness at the end of the day. Chai and Cocao cake.


My heartfelt thanks to everyone who came as our guests to any or all of these all day Saturday workshops.  They are our pleasure to share with our dear friends and newcomers.  We hope to continue these seasonal holiday workshops at Yarrahapinni Yoga Studio.  COME AGAIN!




Suzanne Fraser
Suzanne Fraser
Iyengar Yoga is more than just exercise or stretching, it is an ancient medicine, developed over thousands of years and perfected by BKS Iyengar into the simple, accessible style of yoga we do in our classes.