The Diaphragm Psoas connection

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May 22, 2016
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The Diaphragm Psoas connection

For both Posture and Pranyama understanding this connection makes sense.

From the very top of the inner thighs to the broad plain at the floating ribs, this triangle shape deep within our bodies creates stability in asana and improves our understanding of pranyama.

Feel the psoas attachments to the spine while holding the breadth at the diaphragm with these simple practices & click on the link below to read more.



Click on the link to this Daily Bhanda article for a deeper understanding.

Suzanne Fraser
Suzanne Fraser
Iyengar Yoga is more than just exercise or stretching, it is an ancient medicine, developed over thousands of years and perfected by BKS Iyengar into the simple, accessible style of yoga we do in our classes.