August 26, 2015

‘in a nutshell’ Backbend week August 2015

We film this ‘nutshell’ of a class on Friday morning in the short time between Gretchen’s arrival, she has taken her kids to the school bus,  at Yarrahappini Yoga Studio and her teaching 9.30am class. It’s a bit of a rush. We make a few mistakes, but the CLANGER for me with this class is one instruction I said during Dhanurasana, ‘hold with the breath’ should be heard as ‘hold with regular breathing’. We hope you enjoy! Namaste
August 16, 2015

‘in a nutshell’ Forward bend week August 2015

Forward Bend week encapsulated in a 30 minute sequence was cut short this week, our iPad will only film for 20 minutes. It’s a great 20 minute workout but after practicing with the video I suggest: 5 minutes in Baddha Konasana in Setu Bhanda, (photo) 5 minutes lying out in your preferred Savasana to experience a balanced practice. Namaste
August 8, 2015

Our first Bespoke retreat preparations are underway….

We are excited about our FIRST EVER BESPOKE (i.e. DESIGN YOUR OWN) YOGA retreat, a booking from some serious public servants in need of refreshment…..working, as they do, to help others can become exhausting and it is our pleasure to give to them. Their schedule:  Saturday all day & Sunday afternoon.  The retreat will be fully catered.  Morning and afternoon teas will be created by Waratah, she loves delectable healthy sweets and studies holistic health cuisine. Lunch chef is Harley who will create with produce […]
August 8, 2015

‘in a nutshell’ our weekly class in 20 minutes?

August 2015 standing pose class, for you…..   ‘in a nutshell’ Some of our favourite people can’t get to regular classes, some our regular (&very appreciated) students want to do a bit more practice, so here’s our solution, an online video of this weeks class encapsulated in a short sharp sequence….