September 8, 2015

‘in a nutshell’ September 2015

Shoulderstand/Sarvangasana is such a beautiful and nourishing asana, it deserves more time than the quick teaching and practice in the last 5 minutes of this 20 minute ‘nutshell’, but thinking, as I do, of you; time poor and needing hormonal tweaking, here it is, respect & enjoy xxx      
September 2, 2015

‘in a nutshell’ Spring recuperative practice

Relax… Well not exactly, in this video you are encouraged to work in a mindful way, with the armpit chest well open to bring back lost energy and with your abdomen & face relaxed so it is a healthy practice during menstruation.  
August 8, 2015

‘in a nutshell’ our weekly class in 20 minutes?

August 2015 standing pose class, for you…..   ‘in a nutshell’ Some of our favourite people can’t get to regular classes, some our regular (&very appreciated) students want to do a bit more practice, so here’s our solution, an online video of this weeks class encapsulated in a short sharp sequence….